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A lot of agencies are named after their founders, maybe because putting your name on something inspires you to create work you stand behind. Buddy Gardner Advertising is named after an imagined combination of two real people. Frank “Buddy” Metzger and Jim Gardner were ostensibly normal men who exuded extraordinary humor, perseverance, and vigor. Their combined example is the gold standard for how individuals and organizations should conduct themselves.

I started Buddy Gardner Advertising to make the most out of my experience with copywriting, website design, and advertising compliance programs. The nature of this work makes every engagement a passion project. Enthusiasm and attention to detail will help your brand’s unique personality shine through regardless of industry. Honest, compliant content can still be engaging and (most importantly) effective.

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Dan Gower provided comments about how copywriters can be more successful. He was introduced as a specialist in the automotive, web development, and cannabis industries.

Your Words, Not Mine – Client Reviews

"Really impressive response rate, clear reporting, and constant feedback. Do yourself a favor and connect immediately!"

Trent Dardick,
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"My experience with Buddy Gardner Advertising has been nothing short of amazing. If you are looking for someone that will come to you prepared with the knowledge, skills and best practices needed for your digital marketing needs, then Buddy Gardner is definitely the way to go"

Laura Boling,
via Google Reviews

Why Choose a Dedicated Digital Marketing Agency?

Digital marketing is evolving quickly as an industry. This is exciting because it means there are always new opportunities to gain a competitive advantage over less diligent competitors. Constant learning and adaptation help brands stay ahead of the game. The best digital marketing strategies combine a scientific approach with the human touch required to form genuine connections.

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