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COVID-19 Update – Content Marekting and SEO

The world hasn’t fully recovered from COVID-19 yet, but we’re adjusting to our new normal. We’ve learned some valuable lessons about what’s changed and what hasn’t. This post contains actionable information related to SEO, content marketing, and copywriting in times of crisis.

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Fact Versus Fiction – 7 Common Misconceptions About SEO

In the grand scheme of marketing, search engine optimization is still a relatively new practice. That reality, combined with the rapid rate at which search engines evolve, can make it hard to find good information about SEO. This article addresses seven common SEO myths.

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Content Marketing 101 (Creating a Content Plan in 10 Steps)

Most businesses don’t have a defined content marketing strategy, which makes it hard to achieve and measure success. To get the best content marketing results, it’s important to begin with the end in mind. Here’s how to set digital marketing goals (and hit them).

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How to Optimize Infographics for SEO (Checklist)

Websites need images to add visual appeal and add depth to the content. Infographics are the ideal way to present information in a digestible format for your readers, but how can they work within your SEO strategy? Use this checklist to optimize your infographics.

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