Facebook Pixel (What It Is, How It Works)

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If you're using Facebook ads, or if there's any chance you might use them in the future, the Facebook Pixel will work wonders for campaigns. It’s designed to help you target your audience more effectively and measure results to yield actionable insights.

Find Facebook Pixel in Facebook Business Manager
You can check on your pixel in the Data Sources section of Facebook Business Manager Settings.

Benefits of Facebook Pixel

According to Facebook itself, there are three primary benefits to using their pixel:

  1. Drive Sales – This is the primary goal of most businesses, so this insight is particularly useful. You can use the Facebook Pixel to set up automatic bidding on your future campaigns, which helps you reach people who are more likely to take the actions you’re trying to inspire.
  2. Find the Right People – Facebook already offers powerful targeting capabilities, and the pixel takes things up a notch. Make sure your ads are shown to the exact people you want to reach, whether that’s new customers, people who have already made a purchase, or people who have seen a certain page on your site.
  3. Measure Results – The pixel lets you see what kind of results your ad campaign generated, so you can understand how well it’s working. Test different ads, analyze their impact, and duplicate your most successful work.

Once you start to understand who your best customers are, you can create custom audiences and connect with similar people. Those superior analysis tools and metrics help you get more value out of your ads by optimizing for conversions and retargeting efforts.

Using Facebook Pixel to create a targeted audience
The Facebook Pixel gives you valuable insights to use as you create audiences for your ads.

How to Get a Facebook Pixel

You can create a Facebook Pixel quickly and easily, so you might as well get it ready now. Go to your Facebook Business Manager, then Business Settings, and Data Sources. Click into Pixels, then hit the button to add a new one. It will ask you to give your pixel a name, and you can enter your website URL. Click create, and it will Facebook will generate a new pixel for you, including its custom ID.

Creating a Facebook Pixel
Create a Facebook Pixel in the Business Settings section of your Business Manager account.

Add Facebook Pixel to Website

Once you’ve created the pixel, you’ll need to add it to your site before it can provide any value. Facebook makes this pretty easy for you, and there are a few different options. Adding the pixel code into your website’s header code can be as simple as copy and pasting.

If you’re not comfortable touching any code, there’s always an option to get the instructions emailed to your developer, which you can do straight from Facebook. Just about any webmaster will be able figure this out right away. If you’ve used an awesome website building tool like Webflow, it’s as easy as copying the Facebook Pixel ID into your project settings for integrations.

One caveat here: there’s a renewed focus on getting consent before collecting cookies. The biggest example is the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). To stay compliant, make sure you’re getting consent before your Facebook Pixel activates.

It’s easy to add your Facebook Pixel when you’re making sites through a tool like Webflow.

How to Use Facebook Pixel

Once you start collecting data with your Facebook Pixel, you’ll be able to optimize your paid ads in completely new ways. Start every new ad campaign with the end in mind: refining it to get conversions, link clicks, engagement, or reach. You can only optimize around conversions if the Facebook Pixel has been installed.

Facebook’s analytics tools will let you take a deep dive into your audience’s demographics, how they access your site, and how they behave once they’re there.

There’s nothing else quite like the Facebook Pixel when it comes to tracking audiences, retargeting past visitors, and optimizing your target audience to create more value. When you first get started, you may feel overwhelmed by questions.

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  • How do I create an audience with my Facebook Pixel?

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