Valley Chevy Named Among Top Auto Blogs

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Feedspot has compiled the top 10 Chevrolet blogs and websites, and Valley Chevy is included on the list. This Tier 2 dealer group does business in the Phoenix, AZ area. The inclusion on the list is thanks in large part to a high post frequency that dates back several years, making it one of the largest libraries of Chevy content anywhere on the internet. The agency of record for this brand is V Digital Services, which is local to the Phoenix area. For the last few years, V Digital has been receiving support from Buddy Gardner Advertising to create high-quality content for this blog.

How to Create a Top Automotive Blog

There are numerous things that make Buddy Gardner Advertising the perfect partner when it comes to creating a top automotive blog:

  • Prior experience with all automotive co-op and compliance programs facilitates the creation of compliant content.
  • Specialized expertise in the industry ensures the accurate research and knowledge of timely topics required to create a top automotive blog.
  • High throughput and consistent productivity enable regular posting schedules that create a constant stream of fresh content.
  • Knowledge of Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 automotive advertising guides the creation of the appropriate type of content for any given situation.

Boost SEO for Car Dealerships

To compete with the thousands of other dealerships throughout the United States, a car dealer must develop a successful content strategy, which must be executed over time and include the following steps:

  1. Define goals and how to measure them.
  2. Perform audience research and create buyer personas.
  3. Inventory current content to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Consider the content types and channels at your disposal.
  5. Do keyword research and identify critical topics.
  6. Develop a process that empowers consistent creation of quality content.
  7. Plan a content schedule and work ahead.
  8. Create the content and publish it.
  9. Measure results.
  10. Make adjustments to ensure constant improvement.

The automotive space is competitive, and this extends all the way down to blog creation and management. Many dealerships have large advertising budgets at their disposals, and it takes a lot of spending to keep up on traditional media channels. Fortunately, the cost of developing and maintaining a quality blog is relatively low, and results like Valley Chevy has experienced prove that investing in SEO is worth it. It takes time, effort, and some level of experience to create a top blog, but it's within reach for most companies.

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